Bringing Companies Together To Enhance The Payment Experience

Convenient Brands is a family of business technology companies that provide enterprise-level software and integrated payment processing services.

Our model

We are actively looking for companies that strive for more and are ready to level-up. Working with your current team, together we will maintain and build your unique brand while laying the foundation for future growth. Utilizing our payment engine, resources, and expertise, we help you accelerate sales and develop market opportunities. You’ve always been responsible for growth, now you don’t have to go it alone. If that sounds good to you, let’s have a conversation.


Integrated payment solutions for every business

We understand software and payments.  We work with your teams to engineer a sustainable, cost-effective payment model that is completely integrated with our proprietary platform and payment gateway.

Your team can focus on growing the top line while we focus on keeping your payments flowing and provide support behind the scenes.