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About Us

Our Brands are industry proven leaders, with many of our companies having been in business for over 30 years. In fact, we have over 150 years of combined business experience and more than 12,000 loyal clients. Our family of brands are solid, proven, and at the forefront of their vertical specific platforms.

Our successful history has enabled us to combine expert vertical software companies, omni channel payment processing, and trusted solutions for the auto industry. Our brands can maximize revenue through cross-selling opportunities, co-marketing strategies, and a suite of solutions for their client’s customers.

Our experience has enabled Convenient Brands to take this “vertical software + payments” strategy and apply it to other vertical specific industries as well. We are currently pursuing opportunities in government, healthcare, property management, unions, and non-profit verticals.

With our leadership team having over 65 years of experience, we feel confident that Convenient Brands is poised for market growth and low attrition.


Casey Leloux

Chief Executive Officer

As the Chief Executive Officer, Casey provides senior leadership and strategic direction for Convenient Brands. Started first payment processing company in 2002 (Modern Payments), Sold to a large regional bank in 2008, since 2013 CEO of Convenient Payments.

Thomas Hortin

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Thomas is responsible for the overall financial and accounting operations for Convenient Brands. Thomas has over thirteen years of experience in the payments industry, including a senior leadership role for a subsidiary of one of the largest global payment processors.

Bradley Rhoades


As the President, Brad provides senior leadership and management for Mainstreet, Rome, Digital Business Controls, ImEX and WEB-EST, along with working closely with the other Convenient Brands software companies. For over 40 years, Brad has been driving revenue growth and internal efficiency improvements through vision, strategic insight, and operations management.